During a holiday in London, earlier this year, Pankaj and Nidhi enjoyed a visit to The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts. This exhibition has been held every summer for 248 years. 12000 artists applied to participate but only a handful were selected. Awed by the breathtaking paintings, sculpture, photography, printmaking and film on display, and discovering new abstract art, the designers found the inspiration which set the tone and mood for the upcoming season. The collection marries new mesh textures and painterly prints never seen before from the duo in a fresh and interesting way. Pastel shades dominate the collection with woven surfaces created by silk and metallic strips and embellishments with leather daisy florals. Scuba-jersey fabrics are hand-cut in scalloped and circular patterns. Celebrating the spirit of summer the silhouettes are easy-fit and relaxed keeping in mind a playful muse for the season The glamour of the designs is kept intact with an army of metallic red-carpet ready looks that reflect the new textures and techniques.